Kubecoin (KUBE) Review| Is Kubecoin a Scam?Read and Discover the Truth

In this blog post, we will provide a complete review of Kubecoin (KUBE), including what it is, casecase, tokenmix, roadmap as well as the team behind kubecoin. Also we will review how to earn Cubecoin, where to get Cubecoin, is Cubecoin legit or scam. So let’s start.

What is Kubecoin (KUBE)

Kubecoin is a digital currency developed on the Cardano platform, generally designed to transform the entertainment as well as travel sector. The vision of the creators is to make Quebecin a traditional currency for tourist jobs in real time or you can claim in the real world. In addition, 375,000 EUR was raised by the company in December 2018.

Main ticker code of Kubecoin is -KUBE.

Kubecoin (KUBE) tokenomics.

Token distribution


Pre sale


Liquidity locked






Ecological community expansion


Public offering




Community of Kubecoin(KUBE).

The vision of the founders is very clear to make Kubecoin the No. 1 crypto coin for the travel industry, besides they have many other functions such as Flykube, Eatekube, Kubepay, Kubecoin NFT, Kubebox, Kubein and Wowkube.

Some of their projects are doing wonders in the food market as well as traveling in Europe and they are expanding at a really fast pace because of the clear vision of the manufacturer.

Kubecoin Usecase.

  • AP Blockchain Payments: This will give power and speed to organizations using the Quebecine API blockchain settlement system by integrating them with the blockchain.
  • Proof Submission: #Kubers – CubeCoin holders can bet their coins securely and also make returns on them and holders can increase their earnings just by activating and communicating.
  • Payments: Resort settlements or any other expense for travel and recreation can be paid securely utilizing NFC payment system utilizing mobile application simply by connecting your account.
  • CubePay Application: This will definitely make it less complicated for customers to deal with Kubecoin: With this CubePay will help the user to make secure purchases for any type of purchases related to travel items and entertainment items .

Kubecoin (KUBE) Team.

  • Team of Kubecoin is really gaint but some of their main faces are:.
  • Paolo Della Pepa– CEO.
  • Marc Parellada– CMO.
  • Daniel Martin– CTO.
  • Gemma Mengual– Team Leader.
  • Milto, Cavz, Andrew– Ambassadors.
  • Queen Floyd, Reckss- Moderators.

Kubecoin (KUBE) Investors.

  • Draper B1 made a financial investment of 150,000 euros in the form of humanitarian financial assistance.
  • Archipelago Next invested 100,000 euros as equity capital.
  • ENISA made a financial investment of 125,000 EUR in the form of a public fund.

Exactly how to get Kubecoin.

Currently Kubecoin is not publicly traded on any cryptocurrency exchange. So, you can dismiss it now.

But once it is easily available, we will definitely upgrade the complete guide on how to earn cubcoin instantly.

Where to purchase Kubecoin.

They are not currently available for public sale. Therefore, you can’t get them anywhere other than on their ICO offer system today. But after June 10th individuals can get KUBE tokens using the smart contract address given below. ICO will end in 3 days. As we expect CubeCoin can be bought on Binance.

Kubecoin ICO.

However if you intend to buy Kubecoin then you can get kubecoin symbol by joining their ICO. It is currently going for a cost of EUR0.12 per coin.

In order to buy Kubecoin tokens in the ICO, you need to create an account on their official web site as well as submit KYC records, as soon as the KYC is done and accepted by the group, only you on June 10th. You can get CubeCoin crypto coins. 2022 at 9 am. ICO will end in 3 days.

yes kubecoin is official job because the group behind kubecoin is really solid, they have already established really service like EatKub, Flykube, only with this, the owners want to expand their ecosystem to 7 workspaces.

Is kubecoin legit.

Is kubecoin safe.

Yes, Kubecoin is secure because it is built on the Cardano network, which is really secure. Since it is integrated into the Cardano blockchain that makes it more secure and risk free as well as saves Kube users from high gas charges.

Is kubecoin scam.

No, Qubecoin is not a scam as the owners are genuine as they are already running some jobs, plus it is integrated with the Cardano blockchain which enhances the security of Qubecoin.


Overall, methods of getting Kubecoin (KUBE) and important issues such as Kube price, market cap, history and how to get kubecoin or where to get it are discussed.

This article also dispels myths such as whether Quebecin is legit or rip-off and whether Quebecin is risk-free for financial investments or otherwise.

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